Services I Offer

Introductory Contact - No Cost

Prior to beginning therapy, I offer a free 20-minute phone conversation to introduce ourselves to each other. I will also explain any therapeutic modalities that I implement. This helps to determine if I am a good fit for your therapeutic goals. Please e-mail me to arrange a time to connect via phone, skype , or zoom

Parent Coaching: Emotion-Focused Family Therapy Skills-Based Approach - $160/hr**

Parents and caregivers are vital to the recovery of their loved one. Often times, I see the loved one in individual treatment who has little motivation for recovery. I offer EFFT sessions for parents who have a child with a mental health concern or struggling with communication with their children. This is particularly helpful for parents who have a child who is refusing treatment or a parent who is struggling with supporting their child's emotion regulation. This service is applicable for children across the lifespan (parents of young or adult children). EFFT is typically 6 sessions in duration, with three core sessions and 3 booster sessions.  

**The first 3 sessions may last up to 2 hours.

For why caregivers are the MOST important to recovery, please click HERE . 

Individual Therapy - $125 (50 minutes) / $150 (90 min)

I provide assessment and treatment for eating disorders, anxiety, depression, and general mental health concerns for children, adolescents, and adults. Sessions are individualized and based on clients needs and goals. I offer in person and online sessions.  Please note, if you are seeking out eating disorder treatment, I may recommend that you receive a nutritional assessment from Registered Dietitian Michelle Johnson (Guelph and Video-conference) or Suzanne Dietrich (Kitchener-Waterloo).

Clinical Supervision - $105 (50 minutes)

I provide clinical supervision using an emotion-focused lens, for therapists and front-line workers who are employed in the field of mental health and health services. Supervision will focus on clinical blocks through an Emotion-Focused Therapy standpoint, as well as the use of reflexivity around the therapeutic "self". Sessions typically last 50 minutes. Supervision is offered in-person or through Zoom (online).

Family-Based Therapy  - $160 (60 minutes)

Family-based Therapy (FBT) is the recommended treatment model for various eating disorders. FBT typically lasts 6-12 months in duration, with sessions weaning off as families move through three phases. Phase 1: Refeeding/normalization/exposure of meals, Phase 2: Returning developmentally appropriate control of meals, and Phase 3: Establishing healthy autonomy and any additional concerns. Please note: You must have a medical practitioner following your child/loved one's health.

***Please note: It is strongly recommended that you have a nutrition assessment conducted by an registered dietitian who has education in the area of eating disorders. Two RD's that provide ED-informed assessments:

Michelle Johnson (Guelph)

Suzanne Dietrich (Waterloo)