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The below links serve to support caregivers who are waiting for eating disorder treatment for their youth. Clicking the text below the steps will open a new window.

Step 1: EDUCATE yourself on eating disorders
Understanding Eating Disorders in Adolescence
Dr. Peebles on Weight Restoration Goals 

Step 2: FAMILIARIZE yourself with recommended treatment
Parents and Caregivers' Guide: Eating Disorder Treatment
Family-Based Treatment for Anorexia Nervosa

Step 3: STRATEGIZE ways to tackle the eating disorder
Food is Medicine from FEAST
Stuck and Not Eating - Parents' Meal Support Tips
Help Your Child Eat with Trust, Not logic: The Bungee Jump
Parents and Caregiver's Guide: When Your Child Refuses to Eat
Walking on Eggshells around and ED
Permission to Parent when your Child has an ED

Emotion Focused Support for EDs

Step 4: CONNECT with other caregivers in an online forum or virtual platform
Around the Dinner Table Forum 
ED Virtual Support Group for Parents - SW Ontario (opens email address)

Step 5: BEGIN treatment with an organization or private practitioner
Grand River Hospital (physician referral only)
CMHA Waterloo-Wellington
Private Practices with eating disorder specialization 

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