Counselling for Depression

Therapy for Depression in Kitchener-Waterloo

“I feel so depressed!” I’m sure you’ve heard someone say this statement. Depression is not simply sadness. Sadness is a normal response to a loss, disappointment, or a challenging situation. Sadness tends not to stick around, and people can go about their daily life. Depression, however, is a mental illness that can significantly impact your life. People who suffer from depression tend to feel worthless and hopeless and may even have thoughts of suicide. Depression, unlike sadness, lasts longer than two weeks and does not go away on its own.  


Supporting those with depression in Kitchener-Waterloo


Depression is treatable. Cognitive behaviour therapy is a proven therapeutic method that can help people experiencing depression. Components from other therapeutic modalities, such as dialectical behaviour therapy and emotion focused therapy are also utilized for individuals who feel they need a more individualized approach.  


I offer online therapy for individuals who struggle to attend sessions in person due to their depression.