Caregiver Skill Building & Support

Caregiver Skill Building and Support in Kitchener-Waterloo

Watching a loved one suffer with mental health concerns is incredibly painful. I often hear from caregiver who are at their wits end. They have tried to offer support and treatment for their loved one, only to be met with resistance or anger. Caregivers are vital for the individual who is suffering’s recovery. Sadly, caregivers have been stigmatized as the cause of the problem and are often left without supports themselves despite the challenging day to day living situations.

Supporting Caregivers in Kitchener Waterloo


Whether it is an eating disorder, addiction, depression, or severe anxiety, I offer support to caregivers who have a loved one who is refusing treatment, or caregiver that just want to learn how to better communicate and support their loved one through their challenging issues. Using emotion-focused family therapy, I teach caregivers practical, hands on, skills to support their loved one. 

For more information on why caregivers are vital in mental health care
For individuals who have a loved one with a substance misuse issue, learn more about the CRAFT model, which I use alongside Emotion Focused Family Therapy.

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